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Who Needs Shoppeboard and Why?

Shoppeboard for me

The answer is, Everyone. Whether you are a Medium or Large Corporate or a Start-up, Shoppeboard is a solution for you.


Medium and Large corporates

They need a procurement solution which would help them control costs and provide transparent processes without any additional effort. Shoppeboard offers them a single window to procure all their needs (Regular as well as one time). It helps admin departments get rid of mundane tasks of ensuring office supplies availability. It frees them up for bigger tasks like employee engagement activities, events etc.


Small companies and Startups

For small size companies and start-ups Shoppeboard acts as an outsourced office supplies procurement team getting prices only large corporates enjoy.


Growing Businesses

As businesses grow they have to start focusing more on their core businesses and outsource all non-core activities. At the same time businesses find it extremely difficult to keep control on every penny being spent. The first control that they have to let go is control over spending on office procurement coz of high effort requirement for a very low return. The ERP even if implemented only provides them a macro level visibility making it further impossible to analyse and hence control this spend.


Shoppeboard – A Smart solution for everyone alike

Shoppeboard does this all while maintaining a complete history of each and every transaction in an online environment. It also provides useful insights on where the money is being spent and the avenues of cost cutting as and when the situation demands.


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